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Ashani Made By RFI(Black)

Ashani Made By RFI(Black)

Weapon Specifications:


 Calibre  0.32″
 Magazine  Box Type Capacity 8 Cartridges
 Barrel Length  3.44 inch approx
 Chamber  Suitable for 0.32 inch ACP Rimmed Cartridges
 The weight of Pistol  680 gm
 Sight  Fixed
 Safety  On the Left side of  Receiver
 Trigger Pull  5 to 7 lbs
 Rifling  6 Grooves Spiral 1 in 16 RH
 Action  Semi-Automatic, Blow Back
 Range  18.27 metre


Technical Description:

ASHANI BLACK MADE BY RIFLE FACTORY ISHAPORE (INDIAN ORDNANCE FACTORY) is an IOF make 0.32″ Pistol Designed for Civil use emphasizing safety as of Prime importance.It’s Compactness Combines with absolutely flawless Safety and Reliability makes it an ideal personal weapon for Civilians. The Pistol has Following Characteristics:

1.Grip Safety

Till Such Time the Pistol is Held with a Full and Firm grip it doesn’t fire.

2.Chamber Safety

The Pistol Doesn’t Fire when the Magazine is removed.It avoids accidental Firing, when Someone may assume the pistol to be ammunition free after removing the magazine.But There could be around in the barrel Chamber.

3.Safety Lock

The Safety Lock when in the Locked position(pushed up), the pistol Doesn’t Fire.

Note The safety Lock Functions only when the Pistol is cocked i,e.Ready for Fire.

4. Concealability

It is very compact Pistol Weighing about 680 grams and it can be easily concealed while carrying on the person or otherwise.

General Operation:

The Pistol Operates on Simple Blow Back System.Upon Firing, the pressure developed by combustion of Gases recoils the slide back.The Slide While moving backward takes the empty cartridge case along with it with the help of Extractor and is ejected out before the slide reaches its rearmost Position.The Slide then automatically moves forward feeding the Next Cartridge From the Magazine into Barrel Chamber.


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