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Nishank Revolver Price in India


 Nomenclature  0.32 Revolver “Nishank”
 Calibre  0.32 Bore (7.65 mm)
 Weight (without ammunition)  0.71 kg
 Overall Length of Barrel  131.65 mm
 Effective Bore Length of Barrel  87.2 mm
 Effective Range  25 meters
 Number of Rifling Grooves  6
 Twist of Grooves  1 Turn/380 mm
 Total Lenght of Revolver  188.8 mm
 Sights  Fore Sight – Blade, Back Sight – ‘U’
 Feed  Revolving Chamber (6 Rounds)
 Mechanism  Single Fire & Rapid Fire


Salient Features:

  1. Revolver main parts (Body Barrel & Cylinder) are made by high strength steel material.
  2. Simple in design, sturdy in construction, safe & rugged in operation.
  3. New version of spring for smooth & effortless firing operation.
  4. Positive location of main spring eliminates malfunctioning.
  5. During non-functioning of weapon, springs are not under fatigue.
  6. Misfire of any round will not affect next firing.
  7. Modified firing system eliminates chances of misfire.
  8. Accuracy aimed at high standards up-to 20 meters and effective range 25 meters.
  9. High grade of alloy steel with proper heat-treatment used to achieve the robustness and durability.
  10. Parts are interchangeable.
  11. Provided with additional feature of safety to prevent accidents.
  12. Entire weapon is made rust proof by phosphating and powder coating.
  13. Long barrel for achieving high range and precision of target accuracy.
  14. Newly designed elegant wooden grip for better hold and aethestics.


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